FREE 3 Hour Live Online Game May 12, 2021
  • How can I close more deals?
  • ​What's the best technique to be completely at ease and myself when selling?
  • How can help my market see the value that I offer?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, join us for the online salesgame - and... 

Uncover The Real SECRET To Sales 

- so you can Effortlessly Generate Revenue, Wherever You Are 
and help more  people & businesses with your Expertise

Learn in 3,5 hours while playing...

  • How to take action - fast - and secure more opportunities this way
  • How to close more deals - with ease and without hesitation
  • How to communicate clearer and have a far greater impact on your audience
  • ​and... learn what's been hindering your sales conversion in real live
  • - because games bring out the best - and worst - in us in a short period of time!
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May 12, 2021, 6pm – 9.30 pm CET.
Location: Your Lounge Room or Home Office

TV Show "Pathways to Success":  3 keys to make your Coaching or Consulting Business work


Until you learn how to sell. That's a fact.

And the nightmare of losing your business becomes a very real scenario, if selling is not your strength. 

People telling you: 

I told you so! and looking stupid will be the least of your problems..

Having to go back and get a job because you failed in business is was what most coaches and small business owners are terrified of.

When you start out in business as a solopreneur, you usually have no idea how to sell. 

In fact your sales conversions are so low, that keeping your business afloat is a constant struggle. 

You are living from month to month, have sleepless night after sleepless night because you are afraid that - if you do not sell - your income stream will be drying up and you will not know how to pay the bills for the business the next month.

To help Businesses just like yours we created THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™ based on the studies about the best way to learn thru interaction and activities.

THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™ is a fast paced, interactive online game which offers a fun way to learn the fundamentals of sales and - if you are already pretty good at sales - puts your skills to the test!

At this brandnew online business game you'll discover the secret every sales pro uses and learn how to become a superstar in sales - because after all: 

Sales = Income 

and the better you earn, the better you live.

What attendees of our Sales Workshops say...

"Closing a 6 figure deal thanks to the techniques I learned"
- Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"You made me lose my fear of selling. I always had the feeling I have to not be myself, so now I can be authentic - I must be authentic. And the templates are sensational
- Andrea Borer, Switzerland
"Got back 20 x my investment right there, at the Sales Bootcamp!"
-  Mattia Brunello, Italy

Pardon me.

I never introduced myself. 

My name is Nathalie Sabrina Dahl, and following over 20 years of business background and 15 years studying Personal Development, I changed career from an accountant to full time coach and trainer. 

It wasn’t easy at first. I’ve been where you are. I’ve asked the same questions: 

How can I close more deals?

What's the best technique to be completely at ease and myself when selling?

How can help my market see the value that I offer?

How can I leverage my time and make my business more sustainable so I do not have to work so hard? 

Once I cracked the Sales Principles for Coaches & Consultants, life and business became easy - and much more fun! You might have seen me in...

climing Mount Kilimanjaro
with Blair Singer - the Trainers Trainer
with Taki Moore - the Million $ Coach
Member of

Training Academy

And money is just one way to measure success: Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped hundreds of coaches just like you to recreate success for themselves and their businesses.

I’d like to do the same for you. That’s why I’m running a very special event called “The Salesgame Masterplayer” to show you the most effective sales techniqes I learned.

At this brandnew online business game you will get clear on the fundamentals of sales so your next sale will be a lot easier and smoother, and you'll even get your confidence boosted so you will be able to show people you know your stuff!

Heck, you may even discover how easy it is to make a sale - and how much fun!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at the game:

  • Get The Keys To Make More Money And Help More People With Your Expertise...
  • Learn How To Easily Crush Your Next Sale...
  • Discover Ways To Effortlessly Generate Revenue, Wherever You Are...
  • Finally STOP Worrying About Getting More Coaching Clients Once And For All...
  • ​Learn how to Sell More, Better, Easier...

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this brandnew online business game where you can understand sales from a whole different view point - and use it for generating more income, immediatly.

Register Now:

More voices of participants ...
"really great structures I feel confident to follow. We covered s much in just 2 days, biggest lesson: just do it. During the program I managed to get a new clients, so the thing paid for itself several times over. Absolutely recommend it"
- Simon Crowe, UK
"Big Win at the Sales Bootcamp!"
- Diana Blanco, Spain
"Since 21 years working as a freelancer I thought I can sell... but, I learned a lot of really great content. What was very helpful was the sales structure and I LOVE your templates. You were very lively, never boring, full of humour and you made it very interesting - full of energy and power the whole 2 days - thank you for that" 
- Michael Kossmann, Germany

Gaspar da Silva, Zurich (Brazil)

Coming from the IT branch, SALES was always an "alien" to me & Nathalie gracefully showed how easy it is to become a sales expert.

Katrin Rossi, Zurich

Engaging & practical content, 
great presenter.
I always thought that selling is sleezy & horrible. Now I can see that it is about adding value to people who really need my services.

Andras Kapros, Hungary

Before the Sales Bootcamp I had no clue how to approach sales. After: good understanding of salesprocess, mindset and proven tools to work with in the future

And what's more is by playing the game you'll walk out of the virtual room with a think sales attitude and tons of ideas on how to implement directly into your business.

Throughout the whole we are using...

The Accelerated Learning Techniques, which make
everything as Easy to Learn as 1, 2, 3…

Experience the exercises, tools and techniques:

Unlock the Secret Vault to your Brain and learn More, Faster, Better:

This is not your ordinary business program where you sit and wait until it’s over, bored, checking your watch and looking forward to the next break. During the whole program we are using

The Accelerated Learning Technique™

By engaging you in the processes, practicing, role & game playing and many exercises, we stimulate both your left and right brain so that you retain more of what you learn, have fun doing so and walk out of the program prepared to directly implement what you learned in your business. 

Location, Date, Investment:
May 12, 2021, from 6 pm to 9.30 pm CET

FREE Admission

limited seats (first come first serve basis)
Online: Your Lounge Room or Home Office

How does it work?
We will use Zoom and a designated free Desktop or Mobile App for the game cards and the transactions during the game. You will get access to the App upon registration.




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